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Mark Moxon - Mark's online travel journals
A well travelled writer who's free online journals are a must read. Check out his Land's End to John O'Groats hike.

Southern Walks - Southern walks website
A man called Phil and his walking journals based in the south of England.

Lonewalkers Walking Diary - Stuarts walking journals
"My real name is Stuart Greig - often with a "W" thrown in between for good measure and to allow myself to look slightly pompous on the guide books I've written" . Inspirational set of walking journals from Stuart - read his biog for more.

Walkerramblings - David Cottons walking blog
Thoughtful musings by David Cotton as he meanders around the UK.

The Walking Englishman - The Walking Englishman website
Mike Brockhurst's accounts of his many walks around the UK. Like The Rambling Owl, his journals provide a personal account of his walking - blisters and all.

John Butler - John Butler's website
An online and in-depth journal on how to tackle the Lands End to John O'Groats walk using a rout designed by John himself.

Bill Bryson - Official website
The well known adopted Englishman who writes about his travels in the UK with unabashed enthusiasm and humour.

Charlie Connelly - Official website
His travelogues are not only funny but explore Britain's history in an informal but informative way. You can also follow him on Twitter - @charlieconnelly -
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